Book taxis on your mobile just like you do at work, or use the Scanworld self-booking system. Tours are charged to your company’s travel account, so no credit card is needed.

Cabonline is part of Scandinavia’s largest taxi organisation, allowing you to travel safely and securely with reputable, well-established taxi companies. Cabonline is available in more than 80 locations in Sweden and covers all airports, including Kastrup.

You can rest assured that a taxi will be waiting for you and that the payment will be as easy as possible for everyone involved. Taking a taxi should be an integral part of your business travel, and you shouldn’t need to pay for taxi journeys separately or collect taxi receipts. We’ve made it easy and convenient for anyone travelling, booking or administering tours to organise entire journeys, from booking to arrival.

Simple taxi booking

Cabonline combines Scandinavia’s largest taxi organisation with the latest technology. Cabonline is a new, smart and secure way of booking and paying for business-related taxi travel. You can book taxis using the Cabonline mobile app or Scanworld’s self-booking system.

No matter how you book, journeys will be charged to your travel account along with other travel expenses such as airline tickets, rail tickets and hotels. And of course, all this information is sorted by traveller, cost centre or other criteria. This is another step towards gathering all travel expenses together in one place.

Scanworld is the first travel agency in Sweden to offer Cabonline booking via AeTM. This makes it possible to book trips not only to and from airports, but also to and from other addresses.

User functions

Users receive fixed and competitive prices, booking statuses, saved favourite destinations, estimated journey times, and help with determining their location. Cabonline also allows users to rate their journey and experience. You can also choose what kind of car you’d like, such as an eco-friendly car.

Your booking is linked to the correct travel profile and sent directly to the company via your travel account. You don’t need to save receipts, and your trips are sorted into groups/cost centres with all travel information specified.

You can use your company’s travel account to debit the entire company’s taxi travel from the same place as your airline tickets and hotels, complete with travel profile information.