We can offer our own flight brokerage service via our partner Flight Management, and the primary aim of this is to offer the very best service in the industry.

There are all kinds of advantages with air taxis:
Fly directly between small airports, saving time and preventing frustration. Spend your working hours on the things you’re supposed to be doing, and avoid expensive hotel stays and subsistence expenses. Why not arrive home just in time for dinner?

When you use air taxis, there are no timetables to limit you. You’re using the most time-efficient mode of transport there is. Change your schedule or destination whenever you like, to wherever you like. Negotiations delayed? “No problem, I’ve just got to give the pilots a quick call”.

Special charters to conferences provide you with similar advantages, such as being able to head for unusual destinations with large numbers of passengers.

If you only knew what you could achieve with your flight in terms of entertainment, duty-free, special catering and branding, you’d realise that a special charter can make flying fun. A step in the right direction!

Get your conference off to a flying start at the airport or on board the aircraft.
Find out more at flightmanagement.se, and be inspired