Scanworld makes it easy to book, travel and manage payments. Paperwork should be kept to a minimum, you should spend as little time as possible on booking and planning, and you should also keep travel costs down. All of our business travel solutions have been developed with these things in mind.

But everyone needs different things from their business travel, and you should be able to design your travel solutions exactly how you want them to be. We don’t have extensive, complete packages that everyone can use; instead, our cooperation is based on personal service. Your needs form the basis of our partnership.

Scanworld represents quality, security and fantastic service. And this is something we’re very proud of.

Knowledgeable staff mean good business travel

Our travel consultants form the backbone of our organisation. Our consultants work in small teams so that they can work more closely with customers and understand all their needs. Each customer is given their own booking team and the direct number of a contact – a team leader.

The booking team carefully studies the specific conditions and contracts applicable to the customer and always quotes the most beneficial option based on the travel policy. All Scanworld booking teams are made up of staff with extensive experience of both domestic and foreign travel, and all of them speak and write excellent Swedish and English.

Scanworld’s policy states that alternative travel options must always be offered, taking into account time, price and the environment.

Consultants always on hand

The easiest way to contact our travel consultants is to phone them. According to our quality requirements, travel consultants must answer 90% of calls within 30 seconds. Email is passed directly to your own travel team and will be answered within two hours.

No matter how you book travel, you’ll always receive a booking confirmation by email after booking, and this will include the price and fare rules.

Our travel consultants have a number of tools at their disposal in order to guarantee the lowest prices and offer you the most cost-effective travel options. Our primary tool is Amadeus, with its entire range of functions.