With Scanworld, you can easily book your business travel 24 hours a day using our self-booking system AeTM and Scanworld Online. Here, we collect together all airlines, rail services, hotels, hire car companies and overland transport options such as taxis and airport coaches in a single booking engine fully customised for the business traveller.

Never again will you have to visit several different websites to book your trips. Instead everything is displayed in an easy-to-navigate tool, ensuring you can find cost-effective, convenient travel solutions in no time at all.

For companies

As a Scanworld customer, we set up an account for your company and customise the settings to your company’s needs and policies. Any contracts with suppliers are added to the system, so you can be sure you’re always booking at contract rates. If you don’t have any contract of your own, we will of course give you access to our own contracts.

All travel expenses are debited via a travel account that includes both supplementary travel insurance and cancellation cover. Your travel account can be sorted and customised to your company’s requirements. For instance, you can sort by cost centre or project specified when booking.

For travellers

All travellers are assigned their own travel profile and login details for the self-booking system. You use your profile to compile all the information applicable to you and your travel: passport information, seat preferences, loyalty cards and lots more besides. All this aims to make booking and travel as secure and as simple as possible for you.

The information in your profile is synchronised with both the online system and our personal service. As all travel expenses are debited via your company’s travel account, you don’t need to pay with your own credit card and so you won’t have to deal with receipts. Making your own bookings has never been faster and easier than this.

Advantages of our self-booking system

  • Bookings can be made on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • All airlines are gathered in a single location
  • Air travel is sorted according to your requirements
  • Contract prices
  • You can combine different airlines and easily choose your preferred class of travel
  • You can make bookings for others – all details are taken from the traveller profile
  • As well as flights, you can book hotels, rail travel, airport taxis, airport coaches, Arlanda Express, hire cars and taxis
  • Monthly invoicing for all your bookings
  • Authorisation function
  • Reduces your travel expenses

Structured digital itinerary

When you book your mode of transport and accommodation, everything is collected together neatly and tidily in a mini itinerary where you can view these details throughout the entire booking process. For instance, you can start off by booking flights and then add hotels and overland transport. Or you can book the various details at different times.

When your booking is complete, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation which can also be accessed digitally. There’s also a booking application available for all smartphones, and you can export your booking to your calendar.

Customers using the Scanworld self-booking system also have their own support team to consult. This support team has a separate telephone number and email address and can be contacted during regular opening hours.

Simplify cost management

Unique company information such as cost centre, project number and reference can be entered or changed at the end of the booking process. There’s also a field in which you can enter the reason for the trip. The whole point of this is to make accounting simpler afterwards.

All in all, this creates a unique online travel tool for business travellers. This system makes it easy to book, travel and make payments as simply as possible.