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Meetings and Events

We’re passionate about personal interaction and create events with measurable effects!

We’ve organised everything from small kickoffs to really enormous, complex events and meetings with complete solutions. The world is our workplace, and we feel just as home in Kota Kinabalu as in London, the Stockholm Archipelago or Lapland.

We have the ideas, the knowledge, the will and the desire to surpass even the very highest of expectations.

The world is huge, and our customers are global. We’ve included “the best of the best” in our network thanks to years of stimulating cooperation with national and international partners.

We help out with everything, from on-stage content to unique experiences and well-oiled logistics. As well as the latest technology, we have a team of staff at our disposal who have outstanding knowledge, creativity and experience, and who, above all, are passionate about their work and make sure that all aspects of their work are handled with precision and care.


This is how we create effectful meetings

We work together with you, our customer, to identify and define what needs to be done. We work on the basis of your brand and overall strategy. We establish a clear purpose and aim for your event, which is a must if we are to achieve a successful event with a measurable effect. After that, our creative flair takes over. We work together to devise an idea and concept that will get your target group to feel, experience and do things. We contact organisations and make sure that the right environment, technology and profiling are in place so that you can reach out with your own specific message.

Now is the time to deliver what we’ve come up with. This is where the magic personal interaction happens! The idea comes to life, the participants arrive and our project managers stay on their toes. We deal with the logistics and production – all you have to do is relax and watch your ideas become reality. We’re focused on implementation and committed to achieving results.

The event is over and participants have returned to their day-to-day lives. This is the point at which quality assurance comes into play. Like all investments, completed events should be evaluated in order to guarantee that they have provided the right content and quality, and also to ensure that the event had the effect intended. What went really well, and what could we improve for next time? What feedback is provided by participants? Did we meet the targets set, and did the event have the anticipated effect now that you’re back home? We tie everything together with you and look ahead.