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Privacy Policy (valid from May 25, 2018)

Scanworld complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Ordinance, also known as GDPR. We treat all our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees’ personal data under the Data Protection Ordinance and with maximum respect for personal integrity.

Scanworld never sells personal data to third parties. We never transfer or process data to any other unauthorized party.

Personal data processed by third parties is such as to be able to complete a contracted service or product. This information may include names, addresses, passport numbers, phone numbers, social security numbers, e-mail and debit card numbers. In some cases, we can also collect information about health conditions for passengers with special health-related requirements that may affect the desired options for travel and lodging. Transfers of personal data to a so-called third country (countries outside the EU / ESS) are never done without the customer’s knowledge.

Travel agencies make travel worldwide a natural and natural part of the business. This means that personal data can be transferred when customers wish to travel to such country. Personal data transmitted is limited to what the desired product or service requires to be communicated.

Your information can be used for the following purposes: Provide travel related products and services that you order, Contact you in case of a change or cancellation, Credit / Debit Card Verification / Examination, Immigration / Customs Check, Security Check, Health Check or Administrative Checks , legal purposes, statistical analysis, customer surveys, customer relationship announcements, and services and products that we think you may be interested in. Or that other Swedish legislation requires some information to be stored, for example the Accounting Act. Transfer of information or transparency to third parties such as, for example, agencies.

We place the same high demands on our suppliers and personal information assistants as we ourselves observe regarding the processing of personal data and that they comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Ordinance.

All information processed or stored at Scanworld is protected according to the requirements of IT security, information security and protection.

As an individual you have the right to request extracts on which personal data are stored, the purpose and legal basis for the treatment and the recipient of the personal data. If you believe that your personal information has been handled incorrectly, you may turn to the Data Inspectorate to file a complaint.

For questions about how we handle your data or request for your documented information, please email: gdpr

Do you spend lots of time reconciling debit card invoices from business trips, like so many other people do? Do you forget to submit your invoices for travel expenses? Now we can simplify your travel and travel administration and help you save both time and money.

Our aim is to make the travel process as easy and convenient as possible – from booking to the trip itself – but also to neatly arrange the expense items from your trips and then allow you to pay everything on just one monthly invoice. This will give you a better overview of your travel expenses and reduce the amount of time you spend on administration, dealing with separate invoices, managing receipts, etc.

In short, Scanworld gives you full control over your travel expenses

We simplify your travel administration

  • We’ll give you a comprehensive solution for travel booking, invoicing and expense management systems
  • We’ll set up a travel account so that all your expenses are recorded in a monthly invoice, minimising your use of credit cards.
  • You can link company cards or private cards procured by the company to your travel account.

Travel account solutions

To achieve more efficient and integrated travel administration, we recommend a travel account solution with one of the industry’s travel account suppliers.

All travel expenses that can be recorded at the time of booking are added to the customer’s travel account – trains, planes, taxis and hotels. Everything is then invoiced on a monthly basis, compiled, arranged and sorted according to the customer’s requests.

All travel accounts include a supplementary travel insurance policy which includes cancellation cover. Scanworld sends a delivery note as documentation for the invoice after each completed booking.

Statistics and follow-up

Scanworld can provide you with statistics relating to your travel, giving you full control over your travel expenses. Scanworld uses the back-office system Antares along with iBank for reporting statistics. iBank includes 122 standard reports and is one of the industry’s best statistical tools. We adapt these statistical reports to your requirements!

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